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School Arts Festival of Kerala (Malayalam: കേരള സ്കൂൾ കലോത്സവം) is an annual event conducted by the state government of Kerala, featuring several art competitions for high school and higher secondary school students of Kerala. The festival was started in 1956, and till 2008, it was called as "Kerala State School Youth Festival". The participants are students from classes 8th to 12th. Winners from different revenue districts for a particular event will be competing in state level competition. The event is usually conducted in December–January months of a year and is considered to be the biggest cultural event of Asia. You can play here a selected live Vedeos from here

കേരള സ്‌കൂൾ കലോത്സവം 2018 | ദേശഭക്‌തിഗാനം ആലപിച്ചുകൊണ്ട് കോഴിക്കോട്ടെ മിടുക്കികൾ | Media One
കേരള സ്‌കൂൾ കലോത്സവം 2018 | കലോത്സവം ഉദ്‌ഘാടനം തത്സമയം | Media One
കലോത്സവത്തിന് മുന്നോടിയായി ദൃശ്യവിസ്മയം

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